jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Eerie Cementry

"Eerie Cementry" by Joe @Plasmatico.

Welcome back dear photography lovers.

I have enjoyed the last 5 days of sun and warm temperatures, went to the Oktoberfest and into the mountains for relaxation. Today the weather has changed into a mess of cold and rain, so it is time to continue with some saver indoor work.

Think, that this is the most photographed subway station in Munich, so I was not sure if I should shoot it again. But after scouting the location all over again it came to my mind to try this ultra long and high POV. (95% of the shots from others are made in the middle of the station, losing 60% of the depth of field and the lamps)

It was a kind of trial/luck shot, since I positioned my camera on top of a signpost, around 2.20 meters from the ground and used the control remote. (could not look properly at the display...so forgive me if it is not 100% balanced)

Hope you all do well, and remember, the light is always with you.


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